Discover ASD’s Range of Long Steel Products

Being one of the leading metal stockholders and processing suppliers in the UK, we at ASD offer our customers a comprehensive range of long Steel products to choose from. Our catalogue includes universal beams, universal columns, parallel flange channels, equal/unequal angles, flats and merchant bars.

We stock a range of grades including S275JR, S355JR, S355J0 and S355J2 in an extensive number of standard lengths. Our nationwide distribution network ensures timely deliveries to our customers all over the country based on their specific requirements. Additionally, we hold a BES 6001 certificate for Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of long Steel products and the complementary value-added services we offer our customers, please read on.


At ASD, our range of long Steel products includes these described in more depth here.

Universal Beams

Universal beams, often referred to as I-beams or H-beams, are structural elements characterised by their distinctive ‘I’ shape when oriented vertically and ‘H’ shape when laid horizontally. Constructed primarily from Structural Steel, these beams are integral to construction and civil engineering projects due to their exceptional strength and versatility. Their design allows for efficient load distribution, making them essential components in building frameworks, bridges and other infrastructural developments.

Universal Columns

Universal columns, often mistaken for universal beams, share the ‘I’ or ‘H’ shape but differ in that all three sections are equal in length. Primarily used as columns in structural applications, these components are renowned for their excellent load-bearing capabilities. Constructed from Structural Steel, universal columns are integral to supporting vertical loads in various construction and civil engineering projects, providing stability and strength to buildings and other structures.

Parallel Flange Channels

Parallel flange channels (PFCs), also known as C-sections, are premium structural sections known for their increased strength and durability. These channels are ideal for various structural and engineering applications; they are commonly used as columns or support for floor joists due to their excellent load-bearing properties.


Angled Structural Steel sections are available in both equal and unequal configurations. While both types form right angles, unequal sections have differing axis lengths, resulting in an L-shaped profile. These unequal sections offer enhanced strength, with up to 20% higher strength-to-weight ratios. Angled sections are widely used in residential construction, infrastructure projects, mining and transport industries. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes, making them versatile components suitable for numerous applications.

Flats & Trailer Flats

Flats and trailer flats are rectangular-shaped metal profiles commonly used in construction, manufacturing and engineering. These sections are typically attached to other Steel components, which enhances their strength and stability. Due to their versatility, flats are widely used in applications where additional support or reinforcement is needed. Their ability to integrate seamlessly with other sections makes them an essential component in construction, manufacturing and various industrial projects.

Merchant Bars

Our range of merchant bars (in addition to the already-mentioned flats) includes rounds, solid square bars, rolled steel angles and tee sections. These bars are essential across various industries, including power distribution and generation, material handling and storage, bridge building, offshore, agricultural, construction, infrastructure, perimeter protection and security, and equipment and machinery.

Flat bars and Rolled Steel angles (RSAs) are used primarily in fabrication and find many applications in structures and frames. Flats are easily laser-cut and drilled, which makes them particularly suited to welding, while RSAs have many uses, such as in cleats, bracing, shelving and doorways.


To complement our extensive range of long Steel products, we offer in-house value-added processing services to meet diverse project requirements. Our capabilities include:

  • Square Cutting to Size: Precise cutting to exact dimensions.
  • Mitre Cutting: Angled cuts for perfect joints.
  • Laser Cutting: High-precision cutting for intricate designs.
  • Shot Blast to SA 2.5: Surface preparation to ensure optimal finish and durability.
  • Primer Paint: Protective coating to enhance longevity and resistance.
  • Drilling: Custom drilling for various applications.
  • Section Bending: Bending Steel to your specific requirements.
  • Fabrication (EXC-4 qualified): Manufacturing Westok ribbon-cut cellular beams.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive solutions for fittings produced on our punch, shear and profiling lines, ensuring a complete and tailored service for all your structural needs.

Please reach out to our team at ASD for your long Steel product requirements here.

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