ASD’s Processing Capabilities: Advanced Sawing, Drilling, Shot Blasting, and Painting

At ASD, we are always striving to improve the experience for our customers and equipping ourselves to meet all their requirements efficiently. One of the main reasons why we continue to invest in advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment is to ensure that we can deliver a sustainable, efficient and reliable service. Over the years, we have made significant additions to our portfolio and invested in a number of efficient saws, shot-blasting machines, lasers and other equipment. These invaluable additions enable us to promptly address customer requirements and provide solutions that span the entire metal supply chain.

In this blog post, we are going to look at our in-house sawing, drilling, shot blasting and painting capabilities that allow us to serve our customers better and provide them with comprehensive metal solutions from start to finish.


Sawing is one of the many value-added services we offer our customers at ASD. We have invested in a number of highly innovative machines that enable us to deliver exceptional cutting performance, produce outstanding cutting results and effectively meet the ever-growing demand from our valued customers. Thanks to these powerful and efficient machines, we are able to provide our customers with heavy-duty steel processing as well as cutting profiles and flat steel.

Our current sawing capabilities at ASD include:

  • Sections up to 1300mm x 700mm
  • Lengths up to 22m with mitre cutting of up to 60 degrees
  • Typical cutting tolerance of +/- 2mm on the length and +/- 0.5 degrees on the mitre cut, with tighter cutting tolerances possible by prior agreement
  • Heavy-duty steel profiles, single beams, bundles or layers.


At ASD we are equipped to handle both flat-product drilling and long-product drilling. Our advanced drill unit for long-product drilling features a state-of-the-art automatic tool-changing device, equipped with a fast-change chuck and a magazine capable of holding up to five tools with chuck sleeves that can be effortlessly and quickly interchanged directly on the drill unit. It is also designed with three drilling heads, allowing us to achieve simultaneous drilling on three faces of the material being processed. This advanced capability not only reduces lead times but also brings significant cost benefits directly to our customers.

Our in-house drilling capabilities include:

  • Hard stamping of most products with bespoke identifying marks or cast numbers
  • Automatic processing of materials of 2.2m to 21m length, with a manual feed capacity of 1.2m (min) to 21m (max)
  • Simultaneous drilling on three faces of the processed material, reducing lead times and introducing cost benefits directly to our customers.


We have also invested in a revolutionary GIETART ECO Blaster 1504 with an ECO Primer paint line to provide our customers with the latest technology for shot blasting and painting. We wanted the most durable, modern equipment to ensure that our customers get the highest-quality finished product.

Our shot blasting and painting lines can handle plates and structural material up to 22m long, 1500mm wide and 500mm high. The maximum weight capacity is 10 tonnes. We offer a blast finish to SA2.5 in the paint colours red and grey. We are also fully accredited for the processing of shot blasting and painting steel to the relevant UKCA/CE marking Execution Class 1-4.

Lastly, the ECO Blaster product line offers possibilities of up to 40% energy savings, while the ECO Primer reduces paint consumption to a minimum thanks to fast, accurate control of the paint guns. This helps us provide our customers with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

To find out more about our processing capabilities, contact our team here

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