ASD’s Range of Commercial and Traffic Sign Products

The UK & Ireland signage industry is important with numerous roadway projects in the pipeline, with the government allocating funds for improving, repairing and upgrading the road infrastructure.

Commercial & Traffic Sign Products at ASD

We offer an extensive range of products and services for the commercial and traffic post industry in the UK and Ireland. Our clients can choose from a range of standard and bespoke components that can be customised based on their specific requirements.

Our product range includes:

Sheets and Substrates:

Our range of Sheets and Substrates includes: Aluminium – mill finish and powder-coated; composites – hoarding grade, commercial and traffic; GRP; coil-coated Aluminium sheet; Plastisol; galvanised and Stainless Steel.

Fitting Products:

We offer Stainless Steel clips – one-piece, two-piece and heavy-duty; post caps – internal and external in grey and black; base plates – round and square; buckles and banding systems; two-piece Aluminium clips; Tamtorque security fittings; and nuts, bolts and washers.

Special Products:

Our range of special products includes Aluminium profiles; end stops; continual runs; hook batons; Bollhoffed bespoke blanks; laser and water jet-cut panels; supplementary services (bespoke sizes, Bollhoffing, circles, triangles and shapes) and applications (sign panels and road traffic signs).

  • Bollhoffed blanks

Our Bollhoffed blanks are available in a range of finishes and colours, perfect for application in sign panels and road traffic signs. We also offer supplementary services including cutting to size, bespoke sizes, Bollhoffing, circles, triangles and shapes.

  • Dibond® & Cgate Traffic

We also offer our clients Dibond® & Cgate Traffic , which are Aluminium composite sheets produced for the Road Traffic Market; they have 0.3mm aluminium skins and a UV-resistant polyethylene core. Both have been tested and approved to EN 12899 and satisfies the clauses relating to impact and corrosion resistance.


When it comes to traffic signpost products, at ASD we offer our customers in the signage industry the chance to shop from a range of ready-made signs, from substrate to base plate, all of which can be directly installed. Additionally, our wide-ranging in-house capabilities allow us to offer customisation for bespoke components, so we can help our customers create signage based on their own specific requirements.

Our signpost products are made using Aluminium, straight or wide-based mild steel or passively safe posts. This last type is designed to break or collapse on impact to avoid severe injuries. Our customers can also request customised length options based on their specific requirements if the standard lengths we provide do not work for their project. We offer a choice of protective coatings, including galvanised or galvanised and powder coated.

Our range of signposts includes:

  • Steel posts

Our steel posts are made with grade S275 steel and conform to EN 10129. We also offer the option of galvanised or powder-coated protective coatings.

  • Aluminium posts

Our Aluminium posts are available in a number of lengths straight from stock or they can be cut in-house to your exact requirements. The Aluminium posts also have the option of galvanised or powder-coated protective coatings.

  • Wide-based posts

We also offer wide-based posts that include a combination of bases and shafts. Material is held in a galvanised condition as standard and can be bitumen rooted or fully painted to suit your requirements.

  • Post caps and base plates

ASD has a full range of plastic internal and external post caps to match our range of mild steel and Aluminium signposts. We stock these in standard road-traffic grey or white and black for use on circular or rectangular posts.

  • Passive posts

Frangible (FSP) passive posts are created using a new design that can help to save lives by reducing the fatal consequences of impacts with roadside furniture. This product provides an innovative solution in line with the Highways Agency’s commitment to creating a more forgiving and safer roadside.

Our FSP passive posts are available in the following sizes:

  • 114 mm diameter
  • 140 mm diameter
  • 168 mm diameter
  • 219 mm diameter
  • any length up to 9000 mm

Services Provided by ASD

We understand the specific needs of the signage industry and, accordingly, we offer our customers the following added services to help them with their custom needs:

  • Guillotining
  • Tube laser cutting
  • Bollhoffing
  • Powder coating
  • Cutting to length
  • Galvanising

For further information, download our brochure on traffic sign products here or reach out to our team for specific queries here.

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