How ASD’s Integrated Supply Chain Delivers End-to-End Solutions for Our Customers

At ASD, we offer our customers the benefits of an integrated supply chain, thanks to our mills in Western Europe owned and/or operated by our parent group, complemented by our extensive network of suppliers across Europe. This allows us to offer our customers a broader and more diverse range of products, applicable in numerous industrial applications, with a one-stop solution that simplifies procurement and ensures high quality and consistent delivery.

In this post, we’re sharing some of the unique benefits of our integrated supply chain and a case study on how we deliver customised end-to-end solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs efficiently and sustainably.

Unique Benefits That Differentiate Us:

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Our Group Mills

Leveraging our group resources enables us to produce material to exact and standard sizes, allowing us to provide bespoke solutions that align perfectly with customers’ needs. This unique capability helps customers eliminate waste and reduce emissions, and also enhances their environmental compliance. It also allows them to benefit from superior value, reliability, quality control and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Offering Total Metals Management

Total Metals Management (TMM) is ASD’s unique proposition designed for customers in specialist sectors. This service ensures that complex and demanding industry projects that require first-class service, quality standards and purchasing metals on a project-by-project basis are handled by a team of experts, adhering to strict timelines and safety standards. The TMM approach allows us to handpick a dedicated team based on their relevant knowledge and industry experience, ensuring smooth operation from enquiry to delivery. TMM offers an array of benefits and is an ideal solution to supply chain challenges:

  • Customers can focus on their internal efficiencies knowing their metals are already sourced and scheduled.
  • ASD can source, schedule, stock hold and manage safely all of our customers’ metal requirements.
  • Materials can be ordered to customers’ exact specifications and delivered to a location of the customer’s choice.
  • Certainty in quality, cost and lead time places the customer in control of their supply chain.
  • A dedicated point of contact is responsible for each project.

Additionally, we have extensive expertise in working with non-Europe-based procurement departments on projects that carry materials produced to European specifications. Our expertise includes:

  • Sourcing BS / BS EN / PD / BS EN ISO and BS ISO materials, specified in European metric sizes and CE marked materials
  • Offering an extensive range of products
  • Managing projects from order acceptance to delivery, through one dedicated team
  • Full support of external Freight Forwarder

Delivering End-to-End Solutions

Our integrated supply chain approach means that customers enjoy the convenience of a one-stop service. From sourcing materials and processing solutions to delivering finished components, we manage the entire process, simplifying procurement and ensuring consistency in quality and on-time delivery. This comprehensive approach ensures peace of mind for our customers and optimal performance in every transaction.

Let’s look at a case study to see this integrated supply chain in action.

Case Study: A Construction Firm in the UK

A leading UK-based construction firm required, along with a number of standard materials, specific non-standard-length box sections with a quick lead time for a high-profile project. Traditional sourcing methods would have resulted in substantial delays and significant material waste. ASD leveraged Añon Group’s mill capabilities by sourcing box sections from one of our own mills. To meet the customer’s non-standard requirements and short timescale, our partner mill was able to roll the sections to the exact size needed, and pack and ship the material to the UK within seven days of the order. During the production process, our account manager was in regular communication with the mill, ensuring that all specifications were being met accurately.

By producing the material to the exact size, we minimised scrap and avoided producing 6 tonnes of waste. This not only contributed to a more sustainable construction process but also allowed the steel fabricator to claim significant reductions in steel scrap, promoting both the economic and the environmental benefits of the project.

The material was tube laser cut at our Dudley site to the customer’s specific requirements. Throughout the process, stringent quality assurance measures were followed to ensure that the non-standard components met all of the required specifications. While we processed the non-standard components, we ensured that the other, standard materials were delivered on time, allowing the customer to continue with their project without delay.

Matt Watson, ASD Business Development Manager: ‘The client expressed high satisfaction with the rapid turnaround and the precision of the customised sections. Our ability to deliver exactly what the customer needed when they needed it was instrumental in keeping the project on track. The reduced waste also benefited the customer’s sustainability goals.’

This case study demonstrates the benefits of our integrated supply chain’s end-to-end approach. It ensures consistency, minimises disruptions and streamlines the process while also providing significant economic and environmental benefits. By partnering closely with our mills and maintaining clear communication throughout the process, we deliver customised solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs efficiently and sustainably.

For more information or to get a quote for your upcoming project, please contact the team at ASD here.


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