ASD’s Processing Capabilities: Expert De-coiling, Slitting, and Blanking Solutions

At ASD, we offer our customers an extensive range of value-added services as part of our overall portfolio. From laser processing to de-coiling, slitting and blanking, we continue to invest into our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to provide high-quality products and the most efficient solutions to our customers.

Our specialised unit, Organically Coated Steels in Kidderminster, is equipped to support an extensive range of customer demands for material solutions that help not only save time and money but also improve operational efficiency.


At Organically Coated Steels, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality light gauge de-coiling, slitting and blanking services.

Our advanced blanking and edge-trimming process involves cutting the steel to length and slitting to width, ensuring that the finished product meets our customers’ exacting requirements for next-stage production.

Our slitting process for pre-painted, Aluzinc and coated steel involves reducing wide coils to narrow-width coils, where close tolerances are required.

And our de-coiling process for pre-painted, Aluzinc and coated steels turns steel coils into sheets, allowing customers easier material handling in their next processing stage.

Check the table below for our capabilities:

We understand the importance of protecting our customers’ products during the manufacturing process. That is why we offer a protective film application service for pre-painted and some coated steel products to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality.

Our strippable film is applied to the top surface of the material, safeguarding it from scratches, dents and other damage that may occur during the manufacturing process. The film can then be easily removed, leaving behind a high-quality, unblemished surface.

We also offer a strippable film application that enables customers to laser-cut pre-painted steel. This innovative product allows for precise and accurate laser cutting without damaging the painted surface. This service is especially useful for customers who require intricate designs or cuts in their pre-painted steel products.


We understand that every customer has unique requirements when it comes to sourcing steel products. That is why we offer a cut-to-length service that creates various benefits and allows them to source bespoke material.

With our cut-to-length service, customers can choose from various material thicknesses, widths, lengths and grades, ensuring that they get the exact product they need. This offers many benefits to our customers, including better yield, material savings of up to 15%, and the supply of longer-length material in one-piece construction, eliminating the need for welding.

We can also print cast numbers, part numbers, project names and other information on the b-side of the material. This ensures that our customers can easily keep track of the steel products and identify them during the manufacturing process.

Our cut-to-length service boasts a lead time of just 3-5 days, making it an ideal choice for customers looking for quick turnaround times.


Our state-of-the-art pallet inverter is a game-changer in the industry, providing a unique solution for delivering materials inverted. With this innovative equipment, we can better assist our customers in solving physically demanding and time-consuming tasks, such as inverting pallets of sheet material.

But that’s not all. Our pallet inverter brings additional advantages to our customers, including increased efficiency and streamlined labour costs. With materials delivered inverted, ready for immediate application, our customers can save valuable time and resources. No longer having to manually flip materials significantly reduces labour costs. It helps with workplace safety, too, as it reduces the need for heavy lifting.

Other Benefits for Our Customers at Organically Coated Steels

We are equipped to offer NEXT-DAY DELIVERY* for pre-cut sheets in standard sizes. Customers can receive their orders promptly, ensuring that their projects stay on schedule.

We have a wide range of products available for next-day delivery, including pre-cut sheets in standard sizes. This service is perfect for customers who require fast turnaround times and want to avoid long lead times. Here are the products available for next-day delivery:

*Terms and Conditions:
1. 12 noon is the order cut-off time for next-day delivery.
2. Applicable to deliveries within 200 miles of Kidderminster.

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