Everything You Need to Know About NOVELIS J57S UP® in Modern Architecture

Demand for Novelis J57S UP® is on the rise, especially for use in modern architecture, due to its exceptional performance and aesthetic finish. With its unique composition and outstanding attributes, NOVELIS J57S UP® is swiftly gaining popularity among architects, builders and designers worldwide. In this blog post, we take a closer look at NOVELIS J57S UP® and discover its characteristics, versatile applications and role in shaping the future of modern architecture.

What is NOVELIS J57S UP®?

Novelis J57S UP® is a superior-grade aluminium known for its premium anodising quality that is specifically formulated to produce a lustrous metallic sheen. Through a sophisticated manufacturing process and the inclusion of significant amounts of manganese and copper, this material achieves an exceptional level of consistency in colour and gloss, even across distinct production batches. Made by Novelis, a leading producer of flat-rolled aluminium products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminium, this premium aluminium product can also be coloured, electrolytically or by immersion, which further expands its versatility and aesthetic potential for architectural use. 

Characteristics of NOVELIS J57S UP®

Novelis J57S UP® has a range of characteristics that make it an ideal choice for both outdoor and interior architectural applications. Alongside its appealing finish, it has these key characteristics that make it the perfect choice for modern architecture:

  • It has a permanent metallic gloss, which, as a decorative quality, enables architects and engineers to realise their design visions effectively.
  • It is rated A1 non-combustible, meaning that it is compliant with UK building regulations and can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and other outdoor heat sources without its integrity being compromised.
  • It is consistent in gloss and colour across different production batches, which makes it suitable for lengthy architectural projects that require multiple deliveries.
  • It forms a firm bond with metal surfaces, eliminating concerns about peeling, chipping or corrosion, even under harsh conditions.
  • It has excellent corrosion resistance in the neutral pH range and exceptional weather resistance, meaning that it remains unaffected by rust or corrosion when exposed to rain or sunlight over extended periods, and is therefore highly suitable for outdoor applications.
  • It is fully recyclable, so its use is aligned with the growing demand for eco-friendly materials in the architectural industry.

These factors make this product a highly desirable choice for architects, offering durability, aesthetic appeal and a sustainable solution for their architectural projects.

Different Applications of NOVELIS J57S UP® in Architectural Projects

NOVELIS J57S UP® is used in diverse ways in architectural projects, in both exterior and interior settings, but always offering versatility and aesthetic appeal. In exterior applications, that is, façades, this premium anodising aluminium can be used to make buildings stand out or blend in with the surroundings; it can even change the appearance of buildings under different lighting conditions. Because NOVELIS J57S UP® can be easily processed and formed, it can be used to create shapes that reflect the building’s internal purpose and activities. Structures made using this premium material also offer exceptional resistance against UV light, corrosion and weather, thanks to its innovative coating system and high-quality alloy, which enhances their durability. Due to its exceptional performance in diverse conditions, NOVELIS J57S UP® can also be used for buildings in extreme temperatures and marine environments. 

This material is a great addition to interior spaces, too. It is great for ceilings, indoor and outdoor furniture and other decorative elements, creating a modern and sleek ambience. Its permanent metallic gloss, uniform colour across different production batches and resistance to scratches and abrasions make it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

NOVELIS J57S UP® in Architectural Projects Around the Globe

NOVELIS J57S UP® has been used by architects from all over the world for a number of prestigious projects due to its outstanding properties and versatile nature. Some of the top projects that have incorporated Novelis J57S UP® are:

  • the Titanic Signature Project in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which stands as a testament to the material’s durability and captivating metallic finish;
  • the Basel Exhibition Center in Switzerland, which showcases NOVELIS J57S UP® in its façade, withstanding heavy foot traffic and maintaining its gloss and colour consistently over time; 
  • the Cube in Birmingham, UK, which exemplifies the material’s versatility through its modern and sleek façade that uses both natural and bronze shades to enhance the building’s aesthetics.

These projects highlight how NOVELIS J57S UP® has become a material of choice for architects, contributing to the creation of visually striking and enduring architectural structures.


To keep up with this growing demand and better serve our construction industry customers, ASD now stocks this anodised aluminium in 2 mm and 3 mm thicknesses and in various size specifications. We also offer cutting to length from our de-coiling centre at OCS (Organically Coated Steels) in Kidderminster. This allows for increase in yield and reduction in waste, while our printing technology on the B-side ensures that product warranties are maintained.

For more information on Novelis J57S UP® and how you can use it on your next project, please get in touch with our team of in-house experts here

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